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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic Muse is an archive of gesture reference photography for artists. Just like any other subscriptions, with our various modest pricing plans, you get access to all reference materials.

In our archive, you will have access to plenty of meaningful and high-quality images. You may choose from either rotational poses or single view gestures. Rotations are one pose that our model repeats 8-12 times so that 3D artists can use these beautiful and dynamic poses for sculpture reference. Gestures focus on harder light, anatomy reference, and gestures that might be preferred by illustrators, painters or artists working in quick sketches.

Here, we celebrate inclusivity. We highlight professional dancers as models to create a diverse selection of poses bringing their own flavor authentic to their body type. In addition, we also include traditional models and stage performers for a wide range of expressive gestures.

Many of our models work for companies with a certain position and the protection of their public image is vital to their contracts. We decided it is best across the board to give our models some coverage and primarily focus on the dynamic poses as our special gift to artists.

Indeed! We made sure to provide a user-friendly experience for our artists, as the Dynamic Muse offers inclusivity for starters or professionals.

Dynamic Muse focuses on providing an archive of true human proportions which only nature can uniquely and organically provide, unlike some of the animated model sites out there. Our dancers create poses that are suspended in motion (and for rotations, repeated up to 12 times) compared to many figure reference sites which are focused on resting poses that you would normally see. Our pool of art models is also diverse, which has a lot of background in theater performance. If you are looking for something with a lot of action, we are a great site to explore.

Absolutely! If possible, we would love for you to share your work with us on Instagram so we can celebrate with you and share with our audience.

You may fill out our contact form here. Kindly allow within 24 hours for a response.

The Dynamic Muse offers flexible pricing plans, namely the Peridot membership for $36/year and the Emerald membership for $42/year. We also have the Garnet membership, which is exclusive to Miano Academy students only. For more details, visit the Pricing Plan.

Peridot can access the Dancers galleries only and additional images are $3 each. Emerald has full access to all galleries including Dancers, Traditional Models, and Anatomy Focus, and still additional photos are $3 each, plus free download of 20 high-resolution photos. Lastly, Garnet is an exclusive subscription to Miano Academy Students only. For more details, visit the Pricing Plan.

We highly advise using an internet-enabled device with the most recent OS, like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Also, make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection as the catalog might take time to load because of high-resolution photos.

It is highly recommended to make your order from a desktop computer. When you open a desired photo for purchase, you will see a “Buy Now” button and once clicked, it will be added to your cart automatically. Once added, you may proceed to checkout, then you are all set! If you want to purchase more photos, you will first need to add the photos to your cart individually to checkout the photos as a whole.

To review the photos you wanted to checkout, go to the cart located in the upper right corner. Once finalized, proceed to checkout, then add the billing details as well as your payment method. Don’t forget to click the “Credit Card (Stripe)” and input the necessary information, and you’re all set to place your order. 

Once you open a desired photo in the catalog, click the “Download Now” button located right after the “Buy Now” button. You may download up to 20 high-resolution photos for free! Exceeding that amount will require you to purchase the photo for $3 each.

Due to the nature of the site, we do not offer refunds on membership subscriptions. No worries, you will be notified before any automatically renewing charge for the membership.

You may cancel your subscription anytime. 

For Peridot and Emerald subscription, visit “My Account” page by clicking the profile icon located in the upper right corner of the site, then click the “Payment Methods” and hit delete. Once done, rest assured your subscription has been cancelled.

For Garnet subscription, still visit “My Account” page by clicking the profile icon located in the upper right corner of the site. Next, click the “My Subscriptions” and hit cancel. Once done, rest assured your subscription has been cancelled.

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